Is Arizona in Zone 9? (2023)

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Is Arizona in Zone 9?

The Zone 9 map includes the following states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.

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Where is Zone 9 in Arizona?

Arizona consists of Zone 7, 8, and 9. The low desert of the Phoenix valley is zone 9 and the outlying desert areas are zone 8/9.

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Is Phoenix Zone 9?

Phoenix is within the USDA Hardiness Zones of 9b and 10a. These Zones are decided based on the minimum average winter temperature of the area, helping you pick plants that can survive your coldest temperatures.

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What zone is Arizona in?

/heat-zone-map. In Arizona, heat zones span from zone 4, with more than 15 to 30 heat days at the high elevations in the north, to zone 11 with more than 180 to 210 heat days. Most of the area of the Colorado Plateau and the Transition zone are classified as zones 4 to 8 with more than 14 to 120 heat days.

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Where is Zone 9 in the United States?

Zone 9 includes central Florida, southern Louisiana and Texas and stretches up the west coast in a narrow band on the western coast of California. Zone 10 encompasses south Florida, southeast California, the southernmost tip of Texas, and much of Hawaii.

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What zone is Tucson Arizona?

The Arizona Plant Climate Zone,, uses points of reference to identify its zones. Tucson is one of those reference points in Zone 4.

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Where are zones 9 through 11 in the United States?

Zones 9 to 11 in the United States encompass such areas as Texas, California, Louisiana, Florida, and other southern areas of the states. Their characteristics regarding water vary, however, which is also a consideration when choosing plants.

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Is Las Vegas in Zone 9?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) puts Las Vegas in growing zone 9a. The USDA bases its growing zones on the extreme minimum temperature of a region.

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What zone is Scottsdale AZ in?

Scottsdale, Arizona is in USDA Hardiness Zones 9a and 9b.

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What are the climate zones in Phoenix Arizona?

About half of Arizona is semiarid, one-third is arid, and the remainder is humid. The Basin and Range region has the arid and semiarid subtropical climate that attracts most winter visitors and new residents.

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What is my timezone if I live in Arizona?

Time Zone. Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time .

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What two time zones does Arizona have?

Arizona • Time zones: Mountain Standard Time all year (most of the state) and Mountain time (observing daylight saving time) on the Navajo Nation • Technically all of Arizona observes Mountain time, but whether that's Mountain Daylight Time or Mountain Standard Time may depend on the time of year and where you are.

Is Arizona in Zone 9? (2023)
What time zone code is Arizona?

Most of Arizona observes Mountain Standard Time (MST) all year.

What is US Zone 9?

The Zone 9 map includes the following states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Every USDA Hardiness Zone is divided into two subsets.

What grows best in Zone 9?

Flowering plants for zone 9 include astilbe, bee balm, cannas, coneflowers, crocus, croton, daffodils, dahlias, glads, hibiscus, hostas, hyacinths, irises, jasmine, phlox, salvia, sedum, snake plants and are some the plants for zone 9 that we recommend.

Where in the US is Zone 10?

Zone 10: 30 to 40°F

Zone 10 sees some of the hottest temperatures in the U.S., prevalent in tropical places such as Southern California and Southern Florida.

Where is zone 9a in Arizona?

List of 1990 Hardiness Zones for Cities in Arizona
LocationHardiness Zone
ChandlerZone 9a: 20°F to 25°F
Chandler HeightsZone 9a: 20°F to 25°F
CharcoZone 9a: 20°F to 25°F
Chiawuli TakZone 8b: 15°F to 20°F
230 more rows

Is Tucson zone 9a or 9b?

Tucson, Arizona is in USDA Hardiness Zones 9a and 9b.

What climate zone is Sedona Arizona?

Sedona has a temperate semi-arid climate. In January, the average high temperature is 57 °F (14 °C) with a low of 31 °F (−1 °C). In July, the average high temperature is 97 °F (34 °C) with a low of 64 °F (17 °C).

Where is US Zone 8?

In North America, Zone 8 is one of the warmest zones, containing much of the southern quarter of the United States, including much of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, California, and coastal Oregon and Washington.

Where is Zone 9 in Florida?

In Central Florida, the tri-county area of Citrus, Levy and Marion Counties is in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zone 9A with a warmer 9B area along the Gulf Coast. Average annual extreme winter temperatures in 9A are 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit: 5 degrees warmer in 9B.

Where is Zone 13 in the United States?

In the United States, Zone 13 regions are located on and near the equator and consist of Puerto Rico and remote locations in Hawaii.

Is Vegas a different time zone than Arizona?

California and Nevada adopt Pacific Time. Arizona and Utah adopt Mountain Time.

Is California Zone 10?

The average minimum winter temperature in Zone 10 is thirty to forty degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for winter gardening. Zone 10 of the map includes equatorial parts of North America, including southern California, southern Florida, and Hawaii.

Is Los Angeles Zone 9?

Los Angeles, California is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 9 and Zone 10.

What zone is Chandler AZ?

About Chandler's Hardiness Zone

Chandler is located in Zone 9, which is a year-round planting zone.

What zone is Anthem AZ?

Anthem, Arizona
Time zoneUTC-7 (Mountain Standard Time (no DST))
ZIP codes85086, 85087
Area code623
FIPS code04-02430
17 more rows

What zone is Maricopa AZ?

Related Arizona Maps:
Arizona LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
MaricopaZone 9a
Maricopa ColonyZone 9b
Maricopa CountyZone 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a
Martinez LakeZone 10a
245 more rows

Where is the best climate in Arizona?

Yuma, in southwest Arizona, is the sunniest city in the state with more than 320 sunny days. Even in Flagstaff, in the mountains, we see about 260 days with sunshine.

Is Arizona dry heat or humid?

It is no secret that Arizona is known for its intense summer heat and dry climate.

Where is the homeless zone in Phoenix?

On Wednesday, Phoenix began the arduous task of clearing out the city's largest homeless encampment. The area, known as “The Zone,” is near 12th Avenue and Madison Street, just a short walk from the Arizona Capitol complex.

What time zone will Arizona be in 2023?

Time Change 2023 in Arizona, United States
State Capital:Phoenix
Country:United States
Time Zones:2

Is Arizona a different time zone than California?

Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone. California is in the Pacific Time Zone.

Does California and Arizona have different time zones?

The time zone for the capital Phoenix is used here. California has the same time as Arizona.

What state has 3 time zones?

For example, most of Alaska uses Alaska Time, which spans three standard time zones. The state used two time zones until 1983, when it placed the capital, Juneau, in the same time zone as the more populous Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Is Phoenix 1 hour ahead of California?

When daylight saving is not active, the time in Phoenix and Albuquerque, New Mexico is the same (Mountain Standard Time), and both are one hour ahead of Los Angeles, California (Pacific Standard Time).

What is the only state with 2 time zones?

Alaska is the largest state in the country, so it only stands to reason that it is in two time zones. But did you know that Alaska actually has a time zone all its own? This, called the Alaska time zone, covers almost every piece of the state. The exceptions in Alaska are the Aleutian Islands and St.

What time is it in Arizona right now?

Current Local Time in Locations in Arizona with Links for More Information (30 Locations)
PhoenixWed 6:10 pm
Pinetop-LakesideWed 6:10 pm
PrescottWed 6:10 pm
SahuaritaWed 6:10 pm
26 more rows

Is Arizona always 3 hours behind New York?

Arizona has 2 time zones. The time zone for the capital Phoenix is used here. When the time was 03:00AM on Friday, June 2 in Arizona, it was 06:00AM in New York. Arizona is 3 hours behind New York.

Why is there no daylight savings time in Arizona?

But Arizona asked for – and was eventually granted an exemption. According to an Arizona Republic editorial from 1969, the reason was the state's extreme heat. If Arizona were to observe Daylight Saving Time, the sun would stay out until 9 p.m. in the summer (instead of 8 p.m., like it does currently).

What zone is Mesa Arizona?

Mesa, Arizona is in USDA Hardiness Zones 9b.

How many life zones are in Arizona?

Arizona's plant life spans six main life zones from a low point of 70 feet near Yuma to a high point of 12,670 feet in the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff.

What plant zone is Scottsdale AZ?

Scottsdale, Arizona is in USDA Hardiness Zones 9a and 9b.

What zone is Sedona?

Sedona, Arizona is in USDA Hardiness Zones 8a and 8b.

What zone is Gilbert AZ?

Gilbert, Arizona is in USDA Hardiness Zones 9a and 9b.

What zone is Prescott AZ?

Zipcode 86301 - Prescott Arizona is in Hardiness Zones 7b.

What zone is San Diego in?

San Diego, California is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 8, Zone 9 and Zone 10.

What zone is Austin?

Austin, Texas is located in USDA Hardiness Zone 8.

What is the self sustaining town in Arizona?

Arcosanti is an experimental self-sustainable “city” that was developed in Arizona's high desert by Paolo Soleri. It was built by people for people, not by money for money. What is this?

What growing zone is Phoenix in?

With Phoenix being in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9b-10b, you'll want to first understant what types of plants do well in these zones to make gardening easy on yourself and the plants chosen.

What are the 7 life zones?

The nomenclature of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) that identifies seven individual life zones will be used. The life zones, in order of descending elevation, are alpine, subal- pine, high mountain, mountain, upland, semidesert, and desert.

What are the three zones of Arizona?

According to the University of Arizona, Arizona consists of five climate zones; , Cool Plateau Highlands, High Altitude Desert, Mid-Altitude Desert (this is where Tucson lies), and Low Altitude Desert. Each zone has distinctly difference climatic qualities.

What zone is Las Vegas for plants?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) puts Las Vegas in growing zone 9a. The USDA bases its growing zones on the extreme minimum temperature of a region. Meanwhile, the Sunset climate zones system gives Las Vegas a growing zone of 11.

Can you have a garden in Arizona?

Growing a successful vegetable garden in Arizona is certainly possible. However, it is important to understand that Arizona has a unique climate for gardening with distinct benefits and challenges.


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